Mechanical Support & Cooling

  • Overview of Different Carbon Material from ESLI

  • Cooled Carbon Substrate Demo

  • Cooled Carbon Substrate Demo Provided by ESLI. Carbon tubing is inserted into carbon-fiber felt. C_C is then processed at high temperature. The upper surface is then milled with shingle ramps. Two SVX chips are then bonded with epoxy onto the shingled surface.

  • Carbon Article & Cooling Tubes

  • Picture showing a fuzzy carbon article with cooling tubes made out of Carbon tubes embedded. The manifold is made out of AL.

  • Pictures from the Phase 2 work at ESLI
  • Figure Showing the Pre-Prototype and the Simple Setup to Measure the Stability with the Temperature of the Water set by NESLAB Chiller

  • Pre-Prototype & Setup

  • Close-up of the Pre-Prototype and Setup

  • 1st Measurement on Mechanical Stability of the Pre-Prototype
  • Measurement on the Mechanical Stability with only One End Fixed

  • Pictures and Plots (including some not listed here)
  • Presentations and Documents

    For further details on the mechanical strength test, please also see:


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