Fermilab Rad Hard Vertex Detector R&D

Silicon Pixels

     Notes on different FPIX0 pixel unit cells

     Beam Tests (Includes gif images of pixel I-V curves & SSD I-V & C-V curves.)

          Preliminary Results

           Gabriele Chiodini's BTeV Beam Test Pages (BTeV password protected)

           FPIX0 Scope pictures (Illustrating timing requirements and mistakes which can be made)

           FPIX0 Initialization and Readout

           "FPIX0 Readout Controller" by Gustavo Cancelo, Sergio Zimmermann, and Guilherme Cardoso (draft dated March 12, 1999) (pdf file).

           I-V curve for pixel sensor (Seiko ST2) (postscript file).

           I-V and C-V curves for one of the silicon strip detectors that will be used in the beam telescope (postscript file).

     Bench Test Results

           FPIX front-end leakage current compensation

      Papers and Reports

      Web Links


           Beam Tests



     Sensor R&D

Materials other than silicon (diamond, silicon carbide, ...)

Freezing fog: January, 1999

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