Bench Test Results

Click Here for Guilherme Cardoso's bump connectivity and noise study for the first three FPIX1/sensor combinations.

We have used a variable x-ray source to calibrate the response of FPIX readout chips. The source was made by Amersham (code AMC.2084). The primary souce is a 10mCi americium-241 souce. This source illuminates one of six metal foils, which flouresce in the x-ray region, as shown in the table below:

TargetEnergy (keV)Photon Yield

Click here for a much more complete listing of K and L x-ray emission lines

As a reminder, the K lines are transitions to N=1 & the L lines are transitions to N=2.

K_alpha is N=2 to N=1 (K_alpha1 is 2P3/2 to 1S1/2; K_alpha2 is 2P1/2 to 1S1/2).
K_beta is N=3 to N=1.
K_gamma is N=4 to N=1.
L_alpha is N=3 to N=2.
L_beta is N=4 to N=2.
L_gamma is N=5 to N=2.

FPIX front-end leakage current compensation

Last Updated on 11/4/99
By David Christian